Prayers related to the recent attack on our U.S. Capital on January 6, 2021
From Facebook Post on Church Facebook Profile on Wednesday afternoon

I watch with sadness what is happening at our US Capital.  Regardless of who you supported for President, what has happened to disrupt and put our Congress in danger and put our national building representing the very Democracy of this country under assault is wrong. Personally, I support the right to protest peacefully, but when it turns into rioting and violence then it also needs to be called out.
Let us pray for peace and safety to prevail at the Capital; we pray for those police and protesters  that have been injured and we pray for a peaceful transition of power to occur for the Presidency today and in the days ahead. Finally, we pray for us all to find ways to unite as citizens of this country for the greater good. In Jesus' name, AMEN
- Pastor Jim Mericle